#1 on Amazon.in Hot New Releases List!

amazon #1-26sepHaving a book come out is a very exciting moment for a writer. But after the book has been out for weeks and months, you have those moments of despair. Is anyone buying my book? Does anybody even realise that there is a book out there with my name on it? One that has been written with blood, sweat and tears! Oh well, pardon the cliches and my emotional ranting! But you get the picture.

Happy DanceAnd suddenly, out of the blue, you have that Oh-my-god! moment. Today was one such day for me.

Today, Trouble Has A New Name climbed to the Number One spot on Amazon.in’s hot new romance releases list! Yippee!! Since Amazon lists change by the hour it was a sixty-minutes-of-fame moment. So excuse me while I indulge in a little happy dancing. 😉


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