May Mayhem — The Plot Thickens

May was Deadline Month. After working on character motivations, plotlines, synopses during April, it was time to write up the first three chapters of the book. This is what writers want, right? Get to the fun part. Get into the heads of our characters, write sizzling dialouge, make the setting come alive with great descriptions. It was something that I’d been looking forward to all through the tedious process of outlining. And I was having a whale of a time. I quickly realized that the hours and weeks spent on the synopsis and character motivations had been well worth the time and effort. The first three chapters were done in no time. Sure, I had to revisit it again and again to check if I had missed out on any of the plotlines that needed to be set up, to work out the dialogues, build in the emotional conflict, and more.

Waiting for feedback on the first three chapters from my editor — now that was a whole different ball game. Totally nerve-wracking. Frantic checking of email, multiple times a day only to be repeated the next day and the next and… I was sure she hated every word that I had written and just didn’t know how to tell me that my chapters sucked. Big time. There went all my dreams of writing a novel. My career as a romance writer had ended even before it had started. And on and on…

And finally, there it was in my inbox! And no, she didn’t hate it. Wonder of wonders, she had some great things to say about my dialogue and the visual texture of the setting. She made some excellent points about revving up the emotional conflict, pointed out stuff that may slow down the narrative if I focused too much on a secondary character and offered some great advice on things to look out for while moving ahead. Nothing that a revision wouldn’t fix. And that was it… by the end of the month, I had got her go-ahead for writing the rest of the manuscript. Woohoo moment! And I get to do more of the fun stuff – write the rest of the book!

Nervous and excited about the next steps of my novel journey! Stay tuned!

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6 Responses to May Mayhem — The Plot Thickens

  1. charles card says:


    Just curious, how did you find your publisher?


    • Hi Charles. Thanks for visiting. I am one of three winners of the Harlequin Mills & Boon Aspiring Authors Contest. As a result, I get to expand the short story into a full length manuscript. Of course, this is only an opportunity for publication. Not a contract, yet. I’m hoping it will lead to that. Fingers crossed! 🙂


  2. cindy says:

    Hello Adite,
    GOOD LUCK … perhaps you could write my memoir 🙂 !


  3. Congratulations Adite!

    It’s funny but plotting and outlining is my favorite part of writing—editing being my least. It shows you how different all of us are. Sending you over love and light. May your words and heart be filled with it. I know you’ll do great!


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