Making movies about movies

Movies about movies have been done in Hollywood over and over again, the most recent being Tropic Thunder. But surprisingly enough, Bollywood hasn’t had too many of these. Guru Dutt’s epic Kagaaz Ke Phool was one of the early films to be set in the world of moviemaking. In 2007 Farah Khan blended the best of over-the-top Indian masala films with a spoof on all the behind-the-scenes action at film sets in her hugely entertaining Om Shanti Om. Again, another woman director, Zoya Akhtar, set her story in the tinsel world, which was also her debut film: Luck By Chance (2009). Zoya’s take on Bollywood was completely different from that of her cousin Farah’s. Luck By Chance had an amazing opening credits sequence which captures the behind-the-scenes action in India’s movie industry in all its glory and ignominy.

And here’s a video of Zoya describing what went into the making of the credits sequence. It’s an insider’s view of Bollywood.


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2 Responses to Making movies about movies

  1. Jacqueline says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I loved what she said about falling in love with a movie from the start.


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