(Pre-)Monsoon Madness

June. A month that symbolically has a beginning, middle and end. Beginning of the Monsoons. Middle of the year. End of Summer — or, at least the oppressive months when the temperature soars to 45+ Celsius.

As I was hitting the mid-point in my novel, I was beginning to enjoy the happy coincidence that it was happening around June. But well, the weather can be a most unreliable friend for a writer on a deadline. As I discovered. The Monsoons were delayed and the oppressive heat only got worse. And my writing hit southwards. Delayed. Delusional and Devoid of all the fun. The chapters just wouldn’t work. I kept going back and forth. Changing and chopping. Trying to find my groove. But it simply wasn’t working.

I went back to the outline, brainstormed it some more, reworked the scene outlines, got back to the chapters. Nope. Not happening. So, I tried another approach. Set myself a daily word count target. 1000 words a day. I was lucky if I made it to 500 on a good day! Maybe I was stressing too much. Or maybe, I had hit the dreaded writer’s block! OMG!

That was it. I decided to wait it out. Wait for the cooling showers to come. My muse had definitely decided to take a break. So what the heck is a poor writer supposed to do!

And then, the Monsoons arrived. Blessed, cooling, refreshing, reviving….

I’m back to writing again. And this much-delayed post is proof of that! 😉

So, all you writers out there, is your writing affected by the seasons? Would love to hear from you all.

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4 Responses to (Pre-)Monsoon Madness

  1. elenistoryteller says:

    I most definitely am physically affected by weather. Since I moved to Hawaii, my SAD symptoms vanished, but they haven’t slowed me down since I started meditating. It always helps clear my mind of the gray dullness I felt during the winter months. The transition of the weather you described sounds exotic to me because one of my favorite classic movies is “The Rains Came,” with Tyrone Power and Myrna Loy. I love how that movie was shot. The atmosphere and the characters both resonate with me to this day. I have no idea if it was shot on location, but it made me want to write a book while I’m in India. Someday!


    • Thanks for visiting and your comment, Eleni. I guess as writers we need to be in tune with everything around us. Seasons add to the atmosphere, and I’m trying to transfer some of the colours, moods and feelings to my characters in my romance novel. Let’s hope it works! Keep writing and stay well!


  2. Sanchari Sur says:

    I find that I can’t concentrate on dry, academic stuff when it’s bright and sunny outside. But when it rains, I can’t concentrate on creative stuff… curiouser and curiouser.


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