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liebster-blog-award1I have been nominated by my friend Ruchita Summer Vasudeva to take the Liebster Blog Award Challenge. The aim is to help bloggers spread the word about each other’s blogs. Every nominee has to write 11 interesting/little known facts about herself, answer 11 questions set by the person who has nominated her and nominate 11 bloggers to take the challenge (and set 11 questions for them). Don’t ask why 11, and not 10 or even 6…those are the rules!

So…here’s a set of 2 x 11 factoids about me that you never wanted to know!

ID-10062484 1. I have tried my hand at different kinds of writing — from feature writing for magazines to analysing and writing reports about consumer insights to screenwriting and now novel writing. But never poetry. Psst!! I don’t get poetry!

2. My dad was a passionate and entertaining raconteur. He could spin a story out of thin air… out of the mundane, everyday things around him. He always encouraged me to give flight to my imagination.

3. I love travelling and have been lucky enough to visit some cool places, including Budapest, Lubljana, Rome, Paris and Bali. Better still I love to send my characters off to exotic destinations and not worry about getting their travel papers organized or packing suitcases or even the $$$ needed to stay in 7-star resorts! 😉

4. I have this tiresome habit of buying notebooks and scribbling down ideas for new stories. Downside: I have a ton of half-written plots or characters sketches. Upside: I can always pull them out for inspiration whenever I need to!

5. Scribbling random ideas in a notebook is fine, but I need the blank computer screen in front of me to get my creative juices flowing! Dread to think what would happen if I were to be stranded on an island without access to my laptop or electricity. Scary thought.

6. Walking in the park is more than a healthy habit for me. It’s a great time to sort out a tricky plot point or work out the sticking points in a story. Problem is mid-way through the walk, I want to rush back to my computer before I lose track of all those wonderful ideas! 😀

7. I’m a master procrastinator who would probably not turn in a single assignment, chapter or word if it weren’t for my frenemy: Ms. Deadline with that nasty whip.

8. I HATE shopping… I would do anything to avoid it, unless of course I’m shopping for books or movie DVDs!



9. Confession time: I’m a writing-class junkie. Yep, I love taking online classes as long as I can afford them and they can teach me nuances of the craft of writing.

10. I’m really, REALLY looking forward to the launch of my debut Harlequin Mills & Boon novel in October 2013. Did I tell you how excited I am? (Well, doh!)

11. I’m a dog lover and can’t resist books (or movies) that feature a K9 character in them. So in my book too, I have an adorable, hyperactive dog inspired by my lovable Irish Setter, Baloo.

Questions that Ruchita Summer Vasudeva set for me:

What’s your favourite movie of all time and in that which was your absolutely favourite scene?
It’s so difficult to pick one all-time favourite movie. So I will pick two — one from Hollywood: Casablanca and the other from Bollywood — Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. Almost every scene with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca is a favourite scene!
Have you ever said I love you and how did you say it?

Sure I have. Most recently I typed it… for my protagonist Maya’s happy ever after moment with Krish in my debut novel. 😀

For a sufficient distance would you walk or take a car?

Depends on the weather. I could walk miles on a cool, pleasant day!

Who is your favourite singer?
Shubha Mudgal.

What’s your favourite dish to eat or make? Share its recipe if you want to.

I often bake cakes and I make a pretty mean chicken biryani!

What motivates you to write? In other words, what stimulates your muse?

I can daydream for weeks without writing a line. But when Ms Deadline cracks her nasty whip… that’s motivation enough for me!:D

Are you a summer person or winter person?

Give me an Indian winter any day!

Which sport do you like to play/watch? You can name indoor games as well.
I love to play with my dog.

While shopping do you buy the first thing you like or keep looking till you’ve seen everything available and then decide?
There’s only one way to shop for me — as quickly as possible and get the hell out!

One thing you wouldn’t step out of the house without, excepting phone, credit card and driving license.

My spectacles!

What makes you cry?
Oh, a mushy romantic movie.

Now, here are my 11 Questions for my Nominees (drum roll) Eleni Muller, Dakota Madison, Mohammad Ansari, Arunima Choudhury, Gemma Mawdsley, Jennifer Abeyta, Shirley Maya Tan, Reshmy Pillai, Eugenia Renskoff, Monique Guzman and Kevin Stuart Brodie.

1. What’s your favourite time to write or do creative work? And why?

2. What’s the first thing that crossed your mind when you woke up this morning?

3. What’s the one thing that drives you batshit crazy?

4. Describe briefly any one unforgettable moment in your life.

5. Which is your must-do dream vacation?

6. Fill this blank: At age 10 you dreamt of “being _____ when I grow up.”

7. If you could travel back in time which “period” would you visit?

8. If you could transform yourself into a celebrity for one day, who would you pick?

9. Complete this sentence. Fun is ________

10. If you could change any one of your (bad) habits what would that be? (You’re not allowed to say you don’t have any bad habits!!)

11. Tell us something that excites you about your current project.

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