The Making of an Accidental Author

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Accidents happen and I simply love them. Wait a minute. Before you decide I’m some kind of adrenaline junkie who jumps in front of speeding trains to get her daily risk fix, stop right there. I don’t mean the nasty, depressing, life-changing kind of accidents but the happy, inspiring, life-changing ones.

One such accident happened to me eighteen months ago when I found my name listed as one of three winners of the Harlequin Mills & Boon author auditions contest. Believe me, it wasn’t meant to happen. For one, I’d never ever won a contest in my life. Seriously. Not even a stupid key ring in one of those scratch-and-win-a-gift thingys that are routinely doled out at the shopping mall. Second, I never dared enter a writing contest for fear of losing. Yep, that’s how the cookie crumbles with this intrepid writer. Third, and most importantly, even hoping that my story – which I had bashed out in five days flat after wasting precious time on the to-contest-or-not question – would make it to the finals was like an ant’s wishful desire of surviving a Delhi downpour.

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2 Responses to The Making of an Accidental Author

  1. What a wonderful way end up publishing something you love. Great narrative, thanks.


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