When Krish Met Maya….

ID-100133029One of my all time favourite movies is When Harry Met Sally. And guess which scene pops into my mind as soon as I think of that movie? You guessed it!–the restaurant scene which ends with that wonderful one-liner, “I’ll have what she’s having”!

In my book, The Indian Tycoon’s Marriage Deal, I have a scene where the Hero and Heroine — Krish and Maya — discuss Krish’s marriage proposal. And this is what happens…

Krish watched from a secluded alcove as one very angry Maya stormed into the coffee shop. Even in her casual, no-nonsense sky blue salwar kameez, she looked utterly delectable. No, he wouldn’t let himself be distracted by her doe eyes and luscious lips. This time around, he would be all business. But as she approached him, he felt every cell in his body come alive. So much for being cool, calm and business-like, he thought wryly.

‘Hello, Maya. Thank you for coming,’ he said.

Maya’s skin prickled at the sound of his sexy voice.

‘Much against my will!’ she spat out, her golden-brown eyes flashing fire. ‘And I demand an apology.’

He remained unfazed by her annoyance. ‘Perhaps you would like to listen to my business proposition before you shout at me. You’ll only embarrass yourself further.’

Maya couldn’t believe his arrogance. ‘Embarrass myself? Last night you embarrassed me in front of everybody by…’

She turned her gaze away as she felt her cheeks heat up at the thought of the kiss.

‘Kissing you?’ he inserted helpfully. ‘I got the impression you enjoyed it as much as I did.’

Maya’s face flushed a hot pink. ‘What I meant was your proposal.’

‘Oh, you enjoyed the kiss but it was the proposal that offended you?’

Maya tried to calm herself as this infuriating guy had her all tied up in knots. ‘What’s offensive is that you should play a stupid prank like that in the first place!’

‘It wasn’t a prank. I was deadly serious. Why don’t you sit down and let’s talk about it like rational adults.’

She remained rooted to the spot. ‘It wasn’t some kind of a sick joke? You are serious? You want to marry me?’

Maya’s shock made her totally oblivious to the fact that they had begun to attract amused looks.

Krish gave her a lopsided grin. ‘If you like, I’d be happy to go down on one knee and propose. Seems like everyone here is expecting me to do just that.’


Do you have a favourite scene from a book or movie? Do share your thoughts.

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6 Responses to When Krish Met Maya….

  1. I really enjoy repartee (Between two smart character)!!:)


  2. Your debut looks wonderful Adite! I can’t wait until I can download it in America. xo


  3. lesa B says:

    Nicely done, Adite. When Harry Met Sally. Agreed, one of my favs as well. Always an inspiration. This excerpt makes me want to read the rest of your novel. Look forward to its release stateside. Cheers and many more!


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