NaNoWriMo – Tips and Tricks

NaNoWriMoNovember is NaNoWriMo month when thousands, no millions of writers, all over the world take on the challenge of writing a novel — or 50,000 words — in a month. Here’s a pep talk I posted for NaNoWriMo challengers in India.

So, you think you can write a novel in a month?

Difficult but do-able, right? With a bit of dedication, some discipline, a healthy dose of writer’s passion and lots and lots of caffeine you can overcome the beast that mocks you for actually taking on the challenge.

The first blush of an idea, the hot rush of adrenaline.I was primed and ready to wage war with words. And I jumped into the NaNoWriMo arena.

The words came pouring out. My fingers were flying on the keyboard and the wordcount meter (WCM) kept ticking at a steady pace. I was in NaNoWriMo heaven.

But then life happened. A few days away from the computer and I hit a roadblock. On getting back, I found that my mojo had disappeared and my inner warrior was no longer all pumped up and ready to do battle. Panic time!

I’m sure the scenario that I have painted above is precisely what many among you have experienced. But do not despair. It’s not the end of the world and you can pull yourself out of Word Count Hell with a bit of patience, grit and lots of coffee (or, insert your preferred beverage here!)

Here are a few tips for those times when your word count meter (WCM) has stopped ticking.Read the rest of the post here…

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  1. indrani says:

    Those are great tips.


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