Building your Writing Chops

The New Year is upon us. Many of us have resolved to write and here’s a blog post that I hope will motivate all of you to work on your resolution…

blogpostHow often have you had a flash of inspiration and thought, “Now, that would be an excellent idea for a novel!”? Ideas are all around us. Sometimes it’s a news story or a snippet of conversation that gives flight to your imagination. At other times it could be an interesting photograph or an old story that you heard from your parents. A visit to a place could trigger an idea. Or it could even be a strange dream that you simply can’t get over.

Giving shape to the idea and developing it into a story with a beginning, middle and end, however, requires more than just inspiration. Often a brilliant idea fizzles out when you actually pick up the pen and start writing it down.

Just like an athlete would train and practice for the main event, a writer too needs to build her writing chops. Here are a few tips on how to organise your thoughts and “pry out” the story from your initial idea. Read the rest of the post here…

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