June Celebrations

NA cover (small)June. Mid-year madness time. Yellow and violet laburnum blossoms exploding with colour on slender trees; their brightness dulled only by the heat and dust. Soaring temperatures bolstered by raging  storms.  As you count the days down to monsoons breaking on distant coastal shores to bring some respite from the fiery summer winds.

Hot. Hot. Hot.

But this June is proving to be a scorcher in more ways than one. This June, The Indian Tycoon’s Marriage Deal releases in North America.  I intend to ramp up the heat a bit more. Well, consider yourself warned…it’s mid-year madness!

launch-party-bannerTo celebrate my book release, Rubina Ramesh of The Book Club is hosting a launch party. So apart from virtual champagne and loads of tasty snacks 😉 there will also be a giveaway of two e-copies of my book. Check out the event and join in the fun and games.

Later this month, I will be joining 24 romance authors on a whirlwind blog tour aptly called The Tornado Book Tour.  And the giveaway gets only bigger and better. Stay tuned for more updates on this.

The madness is just about to begin! 😉


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  1. Sounds like FUN..All the best 🙂

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