Writing About Casinos – A Trip into the Past, a Look into the Future

There are two types of successful writers: those who are compelled by an inner urge to tell stories and those who find inspiration from books, newspapers, movies and a myriad other sources and in the process discover a voice of their own.

Regardless of what kind of writer you may be, you will often find yourself facing a similar struggle: finding something to write about. Many authors will tell you that the easiest way to get started on a project is to draw from your own experiences, and while this is an excellent tip, not everyone may be prepared to start digging into the recesses of their past, and not everyone may be equipped with the skills to articulate the memories they treasure so deeply.

Instead, a great way to begin writing is to look around the world around you and to practice putting it into words. Let’s say you would like to set your story in a casino but don’t know where to begin. For starters, you could take a trip down to the local casino, and observe the activities going on in the area, watch people come and go, sitting at tables, ordering drinks, and playing on the machines. Casinos are an excellent place to start because, contrary to popular belief, they change quite a bit in a short span of time.

The development of Intercasino in 1996 meant that many casino players could then visit online casinos instead of traveling to local, land-based casinos. Because of this, casinos have done their best to develop new features that online casinos could not offer, such as exclusivity, free drinks, and live shows. Themed casinos have also sprouted in all corners of the globe, with the Luxor in Las Vegas standing out amongst them, a magnificent ode to Ancient Egypt if there was every any.

But then we also see classic casinos, such as the Hippodrome in London, whose rich history takes it back from being a carnival, to a theater, to an exclusive nightclub, and finally to its status as one of the most popular casinos in London to date. Even more interesting are futuristic casinos, like the Aria in Las Vegas, which is integrated with the most advanced technology, both in the casino’s gaming floors and the hotel rooms. These casinos, all rife with history, are a great starting point for any writer’s new projects.

It would also be an interesting idea to note the many different people you see in casinos, and to incorporate them into your work. Casino patrons themselves are deep characters, and each mannerism you pick up on as they place their bets or order drinks at the bar could be telling of their personalities. Studying these characters is a great way to develop your own characterization, and further enhance your writing.

Have you ever set your story in a world that you are totally unfamiliar with? How did you go about finding out more about it? Do share your thoughts.

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