Immaan Dharam – A Fun Flashback to the 1970s

Missy Pugh is a Bollywood film buff and writes a wonderful review of my father, the late Desh Mukerji’s film Immaan Dharam. Hope you all enjoy this post and if you have seen the film, would love to know your thoughts as well…. Enjoy!

The Life and Art of Desh Mukerji

‘Movies outlive us. You leave behind a piece of yourself when you make a film.’ This was what Desh Mukerji believed in. And he was so right. Nearly 40 years after he directed Immaan Dharam, my American friend (and Bollywood buff), MISSY PUGH, presents her thoughts about the film.-Immaan-Dharam

My obsession with Bollywood movies and music (and yes, Salman Khan) is attributed to my friend Adite Banerjie. I had always wanted to see a Bollywood movie and Adite’s review on Dabangg introduced me to that world. And for a while it seemed that unless it starred Salman Khan, I would put her non-Khan movie suggestions into a queue to be watched later. Salman came first. Since then I luckily have finally watched a few that didn’t star him, and I am happy to report that I have enjoyed them just as much. And the first one was Immaan Dharam.

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  1. shreya says:

    Very nice info. I was unaware actually. Thank u for the share. Keep posting with lots more.


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