When Bollywood Romance Meets Chick-lit… #Romance15

Romance comes in a myriad cultural flavours. Here’s my post for the Online Romance Festival #romance15….

romance festival

What can be more fun than bringing together the Bollywood style romance and the chick-lit variety where love and friendship, woes about dating, dresses and those drop-dead shoes find play.

Growing up in Bombay you can’t escape the world of Bollywood. The capital of India’s film industry which is best known for its two-hour-plus song and dance sagas. The blend of traditional family values, changing mindsets, and romance makes for a unique Asian-style of romance which unfolds through music and drama.

Neither can you escape the books that bring in the romance cultures of the West. The Mills & Boon variety, where love blooms between a reluctant hero and a feisty heroine, runs its conflict-ridden course before the happily ever after. I spent many many blissful hours devouring the books by Penny Jordan, Nora Roberts, Anne Mather and many others.

More recently, there has been an uptick in the chick-lit…

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