How I Met Myself! — By Koral Dasgupta

Meet Koral Dasgupta… She is a full-time mom, author by chance, painter by choice, content strategist by default and a columnist otherwise! She is the author of an internationally acclaimed book on Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, titled Power of a Common Man. Her second book, Fall Winter Collections, is her tribute to Santiniketan, the land of art, music and poetry, which fondly captured her fancies during and beyond the three vital years of her life that she spent there.

In this intriguing guest post she talks about her explorations of her self and her dreams. The thought processes that inspired her to write the evocatively titled  novel, Fall Winter Collections. 

Over to Koral…

Koral Dasgupta

Koral Dasgupta

I always wanted to be a sculptor.

As an art form, sculpting is a very technical process where tools used and the ideas to be interpreted claim significant and simultaneous expertise. Sculpture, as a category of visual three-dimensional art form, is not just about replication of an expression. Rather, the sculptor initiates and translates a non-verbal communication through his creations, which spiral around touching various facets of the sculpture and returns a complete statement. It is an intellectually challenging exercise which accommodates observation, vision and perception, all at the same time. The sense organs of a sculptor, hence, are more acute and visibly different than many others. He tends to see and perceive such things about his objects of interest, which others may not.

koral-book2Circumstances though pulled me to devote my studentship to a rather conventionally supported subject–Economics–which I loved and understood, but didn’t quite worship. So I befriended some guys in Kala Bhavan at Santiniketan and ditched my Economics classes to watch them work. Strange tools they used on unexpected materials, making impossible designs; and I would sit with them for hours asking endless questions, facing the warnings of “shut up or else…” more than once, but no one ever really shooed me off. I sat there hallucinating a sculptor, who may have broken some barriers, taken some risks, and led a fantasy life through odds and mods to bring up a seemingly perfect existence full of art and expressions represented by his skills, crafting a world for himself way secluded from the mundane!

What if such an artist reaches the pinnacle of success? Would shedding some barriers actually make the artist happy? Or, would there still be some people and promises, which he may have left behind, to haunt his conscience eternally, turning futile all his achievements? And what if that artist was I?

I don’t know when I started writing! I wrote about a character who I would have loved to be. And I made him meet the person that I am! I wanted to know what would happen if I ever meet myself with an impossible dream well fulfilled.

This is the thought behind my Fall Winter Collections! A search through my depths to explore questions like: what if I was like what I wanted to be? What if I was liberated from the vices that I carry? What if I had some virtues distinctly different from what I possess?

The search still continues… but within the boundaries of the fiction, I met myself!


To buy her books, check out these links…..

Power of A Common Man  and Fall Winter Collections

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  1. Koral, you threw some interesting questions on finding the self, so true, the creative artists, through modicum of expression, is always in quest of the identity. I didn’t know that sculpting is three dimensional. I am also an Economics graduate but don’t connect to it, anymore.


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