#TornadoGiveaway: Love Is In The Air by Adite Banerjie @Adite

A short script I wrote for the #TornadoGiveaway event. Do check it out….



Valentine Day celebrations. People throng stalls selling items from snacks to accessories and costumes. Red heart shaped balloons everywhere. It’s noisy, colorful, festive.
A tall young man, RAVI, sips a drink at an open air cafe.
A beautiful girl, MINI, in a colorful silk dress, bangles on her hands, walks past him.
He hears the RUSTLE of silk, the TINKLE of her bangles, inhales her scent. He’s mesmerized.
He gets up. Picks up a white cane and follows.
He pushes through the crowds of young couples. Strains to hear. Pauses. Walks down. Mini has gone the other way.
Mini stops to admire a silk scarf at a stall.
Ravi flounders. Pauses. Retraces his steps, unwittingly bumping into people. Bollywood music blares loudly.
He walks past Mini, goes on for a while. Stops.
He inhales. Smiles. Retraces his steps.
Read the rest of the script here….

#TornadoGiveaway: Love Is In The Air by Adite Banerjie @Adite.

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