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I specialize in High Concept Thrillers, Drama, Comedies, Animation and Bollywood features.

– Bollywood features for the Indian market.
– India and East-West themed stories for the world market.
– Small-budget Hindi/English productions for the urban multiplex audience in India and overseas.

I’m available for writer-for-hire services:
– For writing screenplays
– For script-to-book adaptations

Connect with me here:
Twitter: @adite

Or drop me a ‘hello’ (no spam, please!)

3 Responses to Connect with Me

  1. Del Rée says:

    Hi Adite,
    I just saw a lovely little film today called, “Today’s Special” about a “…Manhattan chef who rediscovers his heritage and passion for life through the enchanting art of Indian cooking”, written by Aasif Mandvi and Jonathan Binas. It had a lot of Indian music and some dancing, not by professionals and huge choreographed dancing scenes but fun none-the-less. It was directed by David Kaplan and produced by Inimitable Pictures. Sounds as though you are in the middle of writing for this company in Tanzania and when it comes out, let us know. Hope they can get it released in the US so we can see it. Love your blog.


    • Thanks Del Ree for your kind words about my blog. Today’s Special sounds like a fun film and hope to watch it some day. My script is scheduled to go into production this year, so fingers crossed! 🙂


  2. Valerie Lewis says:

    GOOD LUCK!! Or as it is superstitious in acting, so they say Break a Leg. Should I say “Break a Pencil”? lol- Valerie Lewis


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