Dear Author Reviews The Indian Tycoon…

DearAuthorLong before my book was published I wanted it to be reviewed by two review magazines/sites. First, the epynomous RT Book Reviews–the gold standard as far as romance reviews go. Second, which is run by Jane, Jayne and their band of intrepid romance reviewers. Their cautionary note to authors–“If we don’t like it (your book), we could post a scathing review”–should have made me steer clear of them, but I looked upon it as a challenge. Would my book pass muster? When my book was released, I approached both  for reviews. I have not yet heard from RT Book Reviews.

On 1st June, though, on the eve of the launch of my book in the US–my dream of getting my book reviewed by Sunita came true.


Read the full review here...and do come back and post your thoughts! Look forward to hearing from you all!


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