“First Bollywood Story and I loved it”: British Reviewer Sue Ward

The Indian Tycoon’s Marriage Deal has gone international. And this is what veteran book reviewer, Sue Ward blogged after she read it! To read the full review at Sue’s blog click here.

Adite- Orange Cover - smallThe Indian Tycoon’s Marriage Deal by Adite Banerjie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was gifted this book by the author for an honest review.

The author asked me if I would like to read this book and give my opinion on it, good or bad, oh what a risk taker!!! LOL

I sat and read this partly before cooking supper and then after while the family settled down to some TV.

I’ve never read a Bollywood book before in my life, or about arranged marriages. However, although this was an arranged marriage and I don’t know much about the culture I found myself really taken in with the story line. Maya was a very hard working and no no non sense kind of gal, that’s how she came across to me.

There’s a nice little bit of erotica in there with the pair ending up realizing what they mean to each other, their true value and worth.

I have to say at this point, I don’t much like Mills and Boon! I remember it being, he loves her, she loves him, he marries someone else, she looses him and at the end, everything works out and they live happy ever after…………..OMG was I in for a shock and a double take when I read this!

This is nothing like the Mills and Boon I remember.

Thank you Adite Banerjie for contacting me and asking me to read your published book. If you hadn’t, I’d have truly missed out on a sweet read.

If anyone is looking for a shortish story, nice love affair, romance and real life events thrown in, please take a peak at this book.

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