Rubina Ramesh says: “this book is fascinating and bold”

Being a Mills and Boon story, I was sure of the happy ending. But as a reader I was pleasantly surprised that instead of emotions cooling down by the end of the tenth chapter, new twists and turns kept me glued to the story.

One thing I found very fascinating about this book is the language… [well it is still English , don’t worryJ] The way Adite Banerjie has described some of the scenes is very poetic. Here is an example… [just a teeny weeny bit]

“Blood-red flowers on trees that were stark and bald. The hotter the Delhi summers, the brighter the gulmohur blossoms…….”

The whole novel is scattered with such scenic beauty – not only the physical beauty but also the emotional. Her words have a way of playing the scene in front of the reader. Her play with words has the capability to evoke your senses.

Both Maya and Krish come out as strong characters, equal in every sense. This book has some bold passion scenes… one of the boldest I have read in the Indian Mills and Boon scenario. Read the full review here

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