The Making of an Alpha Male Hero

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Tall, dark, handsome billionaires, sexy, spirited heroines and spectacular settings are stuff that romantic fantasies are made of. There is an Alpha hero for every romance reader – the hunky cowboy, the suave tycoon, the sheikh with the six-pack abs and even the hot-as-hell vampire. It’s little wonder then that zillions of women all over the world can’t do without their fix of romance reading.

And here I was, a newbie romance writer, taking on the challenge of creating a hero who could go mano-a-mano with all the beloved Mills & Boon Alpha hunks. The thought was daunting enough to freeze my fingers on the keyboard.

rhett butlerThere are legions of Alpha heroes that I admire and some. Here’s just a small selection: the brooding and passionate Rick Blaine of Casablanca, the awesome and arrogant Rhett Butler of Gone With the Wind, the suave and sexy Edward Lewis (played to perfection by Richard Gere) in Pretty Woman and Bollywood’s charming and playful Raj in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.

richard gereAnd who can resist the Mills & Boon playboy tycoons… the Greeks, the Italians and Russians? The all-powerful, proud, protector heroes who have the world at their feet; feared by their rivals and revered by their loyalists. But of course, when the right woman comes along they reveal that behind that gruff and devil-may-care exterior they are real softies! As Annie West, romance author writes: “Above all, the Alpha Hero will stand by her (the Heroine) when she needs him, he will be a loving, loyal partner. And if the road to happiness is a little rocky to begin with, all the better. After all, we want our romances with a little spice, don’t we?”

Perhaps it was time to give the Tycoon a cultural makeover. Add a little Indian spice! As I started writing my book, the Hero Krish Dev began to take shape. He turned out to be the quintessential Alpha Male—the aloof and reluctant heir to his father’s business empire—who holds true to his beliefs and is steeped in Indian values. Clearly this tycoon would be more than a match for my feisty, revenge-driven Heroine, Maya Shome.

Would love to know who are your favorite romance heroes…

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