What Reviewers Say About Trouble Has a New Name!

AditeReviews are the life blood for an author. Here are some of the latest reviews that Trouble Has A New Name has got. Thank you, reviewers, for your time and effort in putting down your thoughts about my book!

Here are some interesting snatches that caught the attention of book bloggers and reviewers.

Nikita Soni: Rayna Dutt’s self-made rules were hilarious and cute!

The characterization is expertly done and I could connect with both Rayna and Neel. The banter between these two is entertaining and the shift from the joyous and light bickering to the intense and extremely hot romance is fluidly done. I loved each and every minute of the story, especially Rayna’s self-made rules which were hilarious and too cute. 🙂

Saguaro Moon Reviews (Terri Babcock): A very good and quick read

Trouble Has A New Name is a very good and quick read that has quite a bit of heat, Chemistry and a strong storyline. The characters are well developed, the imagery of the setting draws you into the story and there is quite a bit of substance that goes along with all of this.

Aparajita Dutta: The protagonist is the epitome of the independent Indian woman

Adite Banerjie carefully carves out a strong feminist side of her protagonist, which attracted my attention. The writer makes sure that her protagonist has a dusky color and emerges as a beauty, who is desired by all….She becomes the epitome of the independent Indian woman who stands for herself and is strong enough to support the decisions she takes of her own.

JoAnne in Romancing-the-Book.com

I was immediately immersed in the culture and the locations especially with the use of Indian words and explanations and the vivid descriptions that gave me breathtaking views… I look forward to reading more books by Banerjie and once more being immersed in the culture of India.

Dola Basu Singh:  a roller coaster ride of emotions

The thing that moved me most about the book though were the emotions packed in 187 pages. Never a dull moment in this book. Right from page 1 where Rayna has to run to catch her flight till the epilogue (especially the epilogue :D), I have been on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Sometimes laughing at the verbal sparring between Rayna and Neel, sometimes rolling on the floor at Agra aunty’s antics, sometimes with butterflies in my stomach as Neel touches Rayna and sometimes my heart breaking along with Rayna’s, this book made me live a thousand emotions in a span of 4 hours.

Rubina Ramesh: The five stars are for the Hero, Neel

Such a humane hero.We have seen heroes doing things for his gal, or rescuing his girl. The macho kind, The kind kind, the alpha hero and the beta hero. But Neel is real. Someone we ladies always hope to meet one day….Adite has not only made us fall in love with Neel, but has also made us understand her character deep down. Both Neel and Rayna. A hero and a heroine… above the rest, yet with all flaws which many of us have. Adite has just shown us how they have risen above their stature and why they deserve to be her protags

Maria Perry Mohan loves the touch of glamour and the humour

Read this story and you get a trip to the wonderful Andaman islands, a little known part of India. You’ll also get a chance to participate in the proverbial big fat Indian wedding, the drama, the colour, the excitement and of course, a touch of Bollywood. It’s all there…however, it isn’t all about glitz and glamour. Rayna may be a top model and Neel an up and coming entrepreneur. But they’ve both suffered tragedy in the past. Can they move on and build a wonderful future full of love and hope, together? This is the USP of this talented author. She can write a story which will lift a reader’s spirit and give them hope, without allowing the characters (and consequently the reader) to wallow in misery. And with this author there’s always a touch of glamour, not to mention the most wonderful sense of humour.

Author Usha Narayanan calls it a mind-blowing romantic caper

Adite’s second Harlequin romance flies fast on wings of delight, taking you along on a mind-blowing caper. There are the interesting main characters, the cleverly woven back story and the lovely cameos to keep you going. You have Agra Aunt with her cloying rose perfume, who moves to the Gangnam beat, which she calls the dance of the Korean Govinda! We have many other interesting characters and colourful wedding descriptions all set against the lush tropical surroundings of the Andaman Islands.

Vidya Sury loves its “memorable characters”

This book… reminded me of one of my Mom’s favorite M & B authors back in the time (I am thinking Roberta Leigh/Rachel Lindsay) whose books were far from mushy – and had memorable characters that every reader dreams of meeting in real life.

Author Sundari Venkatraman gives five stars for its ‘racy dialogues’ and ‘smoking hot’ scenes

The dialogues are young and racy with a dash of humour. What I liked best were the smoking hot love scenes that are aesthetically penned. Can you ask for a better combo for a Harlequin romance set in Andaman Islands? Superb!

MetroReader: Lovely story with lovable characters

A lovely story with lovable characters. The friendship between Rayna and Milee is so open and I loved their OOOs (you will have to read the book to find more).

Author Reet Singh: A Fun Read

The conflicts, internal and external, are tough and test the duo, but love triumphs eventually. The author makes the journey – from first skirmish to happily ever after – fun! Must read!

Inderpreet Uppal: Pick up this book and it will melt away all your ‘troubles’

Trouble Has A New Name has everything a good story should, lots of sizzle, great chemistry, a strong story line and beautiful locations…. Pick up this book and it will melt away all your ‘troubles’!


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