Review of Rapid Fall by Adiana Ray


Rapid Fall


by Adiana Ray


The Blurb
  Sonia and JD’s tempestuous attraction is as stormy as the rapids at Rishikesh. Not even a dip in icy waters can douse the sparks that fly when they are around each other.

JD’s recent divorce, however, has left him commitment phobic and bitter, and he doesn’t seem to want more than a physical relationship. At heart, Sonia is conservative; can she bring herself to accept a modern ‘live-in’ relationship, or will she push him away with her demands for a commitment?

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The Author’s Thoughts


‘Sixteen and counting’ are the number of cities that I have lived in so far. I like to think of myself as a ‘Metronaut’. The myriad city cultures, the food, the hustle and bustle, the people are all elements of life that I thrive on and if you can have an ‘Astronaut’ why not a ‘Metronaut’ after all there are so many more of us out there?I believe in the Zen tenet that every situation has a 1000 truths. It helps me write and it definitely helps when I am dealing with my two children. I like reading, I like cooking, I like travelling and I love sitting like a mindless zombie in front of the TV and if anybody says anything to that….Aha! a 1000 truths come in very handy.

I also write under a pen name M.X Steele. Why? My daughter thought Adiana Ray was too boring a name.

I do hope you enjoy reading all my work because I believe passionately that though we writers love pontificating and are totally in love with whatever we write; at the end of it all it is the readers that matter and above all what we write has to be ‘entertaining’.

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My Review

When was the last time you read a romance that begins with the protagonists falling in love while at a white water rafting event? I haven’t. EVER. The title of Adiana Ray’s novella hooked me from the word go. Rishikesh, rafting, romance…what’s not to love!

So beautifully does Adiana Ray describe the Ganges and the swirling waters that I was immediately transported to Rishikesh. Where Sonia, the heroine, has carted her politicking colleagues for a session of bonding, corporate style. There she meets handsome and brooding JD, a rafting aficionado, who is pitching in for his friend as a guide. Sparks fly and after an accident – where JD’s skills as an expert rafter come into play and he saves Sonia – the two can’t deny their attraction for each other. However, a misunderstanding leads them to go their separate ways. The rest of this short, pacy novella is about how the two meet again and overcome their own insecurities to recognise their love for each other.

Adiana has a very vivid writing style. Whether it’s the action-packed scene of the rafting accident or the passion-drenched romantic scene, the author deftly carries her readers along for the ride.  She quickly creates empathy for her characters. I only wish there wasn’t as much back story about the protagonists, so early on in the story, told via the secondary characters. Overall, though, it was a quick and enjoyable read and I look forward to reading more from Adiana.

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2 Responses to Review of Rapid Fall by Adiana Ray

  1. Adiana Ray says:

    Thank you Adite. glad you felt the spray!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I most certainly did, Adiana! Looking forward to your next book! 🙂


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