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TBC-bannerDuring my writing journey I have met many like minded book readers, reviewers, bloggers and authors — both aspiring and recently published. All of whom enjoy discovering new books and authors, both desi (Indian) and international. Rubina Ramesh is one such talented writer who not only loves writing but goes out of her way to promote new authors. Along with Rubina and a few other like-minded individuals, we will spread the word about books that are currently on our table tops, kindles and/or any other preferred reading devices. We will host blog tours for authors, interviews, cover releases and a whole host of book-related activities.

iqrc-2013Reshmy Pillai of The Tales Pensieve is yet another person who believes in rewarding both published authors and readers. You can check out the Indian Quills Reading Challenge for more about Indian books and author profiles.

So book lovers can look forward to book reviews, author profiles, blog tours and interviews. I hope you will browse these pages, check out the buy links (maybe even buy a book or two?) and leave behind a word of encouragement for the authors.

And for film buffs, there will be interviews with filmmakers and screenwriters, film reviews and more.

Come join us on this discovery of books and films by newbie and veteran writers. If there is anything special you would like to read… drop me a line! Keep visiting!

2 Responses to Reviews and More…

  1. Hi Adite,
    Nice post here. And I agree with what you have said about Rubina promoting new authors. 🙂


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