Fade In to Fade Out

In April, Caz and I embarked on a challenge — to write a first draft script in one month. 30 days = 100 pages. That was only the first of small and big challenges that we have faced since we took on the ScriptFrenzy call.

Six months later, we have lost count of the number of drafts. Was it 5? Maybe 6? Or was it just one that we wrote and re-wrote and re-wrote some more? Never mind. What matters, is that we have through a curious process of brainstorming on Skype and a constant flow of emails, put together a read-worthy screenplay.

Co-writing a screenplay when its two authors are sitting at desks in two different continents can be a bit tricky. Not only did we have to work out the best times for us to have Skype-chats, we had to decide on the time zones for our script. With a cast of characters set in India and the US, and having to figure out how to intercut scenes between the two locations so that it all tied up….Phew!! By the time we worked it all out, we had forgotten whether it was Day or Night!

Another challenge was in getting the story to work – ensuring character growth, developing scenes that are funny and compelling so as to make it a fun-filled family comedy and trying to figure out how to engage both target audiences – children and adults. The process of tweaking continued till the very end. Nothing was set in stone. Even as we were writing the final scenes of Act 3, we were also tweaking the opening scenes.

The toughest scene to crack was the one at Mid-point. No matter how we worked the scene, it just didn’t seem right. We would leave it be for a while and get back to it. And through this endless – and seamless – writing process of tweaking it in different ways, we finally did get our breakthrough!

So…we have arrived at yet another milestone in our co-writing journey! Right now, the script is out to writer friends for feedback, before the final polish. And then out to producers.

It’s been a fun ride so far….and it’s not over yet! Stay tuned….

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