T is for Trouble

0b521-troublehasanew2bnameTrouble happens when we are least prepared for it, right? It up-ends our lives and leaves our coping mechanisms in tatters. Depending on how much hot water we have landed ourselves in, we turn for advice to our friends, relatives, frenemies and sometimes even the people who we love to hate.

Here are just a few instances that can leave even the most unflappable people floundering for the right way to deal with trouble!

Getting Tested by Text Messages

In these days of being networked 24/7, trouble delivered via a SMS or text message is an ever-present risk. Be it a controlling boss who will hound you day or night for that report you are struggling with, a pesky friend who demands constant attention or a boyfriend who has suddenly dropped off the mobile radar! Worse still, if said boyfriend were to suddenly do a breakup via SMS!

The Wardrobe Mishap

Most of us are pretty organised when it comes to preparing for a big occasion. And if it happens to be an event such as an office celebration, a dinner at a fancy restaurant or a friend’s wedding we often go into preparatory mode planning every last detail from hair, makeup, wardrobe and, most importantly, footwear. But imagine getting up late and narrowly missing a flight and—holy cow!—finding out as you race to the airport that your fancy new stilettos are still sitting pretty in the shoebox while you have left home wearing your ratty old flip-flops!

The Relative From Hell

Or, consider this situation: you bump into that gossipy aunt or the can’t-keep-a-secret cousin at the totally wrong moment. God forbid if you are out on a first date with a cute guy in a fancy restaurant…only to have your troublemaking cousin from hell walk up to you and ask chattily while giving Dude a thorough look over, “Hey, what’s up? Haven’t met in ages…won’t you introduce me to your boyfriend?” A downright cringe-making moment, especially if Dude opposite you is a potential BF and commitment is not yet on the cards!

You get the picture! Trouble always comes gift-wrapped in large size packs when you least expect it to. That’s what Rayna Dutt, the heroine of my new book “Trouble Has A New Name”, believes. How does she deal with them? Read my book to find out (see buy links below)

And here’s an unbeatable offer: do comment about one of those “troubled” moments from your life when you wished the earth would just swallow you up and one lucky winner will get a surprise gift from me!! Come on and share your story! 🙂

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