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The Bollywood Romance: Interview with Harlequin Author Susanna Carr

Bollywood is no longer just a South Asian phenomenon. It has crossed over into other cultures and is inspiring authors to explore Bollywood themes, South Asian characters and more. One such author is Susanna Carr, who is known for her … Continue reading

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The Hindi Film Heroine Makeover

The Bollywood Heroine is getting a makeover.  Not the cosmetic kind though. But the type that entails meaty roles, getting a shot at playing the protagonist rather than the love interest of the macho hero and involves more than just … Continue reading

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Dedh Ishqiya – When the Sequel trumps the Original

Dedh Ishqiya (Love 1.5) is that rare breed of movie where the sequel is actually better than the original. Ishqiya which released to rave reviews in 2010 as an original, homegrown black comedy, produced with the blessings of auteur-producer Vishal … Continue reading

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Collaborating to tell stories: the Harlequin India initiative

Hollywood has a long tradition in adapting stories. “Probably half the movies made are adaptations of one sort or another,” writes screenwriter John August in his blog. “The original source material might have been a novel, a short story, an … Continue reading

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A filmmaker’s journey of self-discovery

Vinod Pande is a name that many Indian filmgoers will recognise. As an auteur whose body of work has spanned three decades and includes films such as Ek Baar Phir, Yeh Nazdeekiyan and Sins, this filmmaker has never shied from … Continue reading

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The growth of Indian literary fests

Indians are among the world’s top readers according to a recent survey. While the survey and its findings may be open to debate, the fact remains that there has been a spurt in the reading habit like never before. The … Continue reading

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New Age Romance in Bollywood Films

Bollywood and romance are synonymous with each other. Some of the top box-office grossers of all time have been romances, starting with the classic Mughal-e-Azam (1960). The period film–starring the iconic Dilip Kumar and the beautiful Madhubala as Prince Salim … Continue reading

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The Making of an Accidental Author

Here’s a blog post that I wrote for RomanceUniversity.org Accidents happen and I simply love them. Wait a minute. Before you decide I’m some kind of adrenaline junkie who jumps in front of speeding trains to get her daily risk … Continue reading

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Romancing Bollywood

Bollywood is known for its mushy romances and now it is inspiring authors of Mills & Boon romances. Ruchi Vasudeva, fellow-winner of Harlequin India’s Passions Aspiring Authors contest 2012, who debuted with her novel Bollywood Fiancé for a Day in … Continue reading

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Sonali Dev – Her heart beats for words and Bollywood!

Sonali Dev is a writer who combines her love for words and Bollywood to conjure up stories that make a crazy tangle with her life as wannabe supermom and domestic goddess, and disgruntled corporate minion. Sonali lives in the Chicago … Continue reading

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