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The Hindi Film Heroine Makeover

The Bollywood Heroine is getting a makeover.  Not the cosmetic kind though. But the type that entails meaty roles, getting a shot at playing the protagonist rather than the love interest of the macho hero and involves more than just … Continue reading

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An American Movie Buff’s Salman Khan Obsession

When I started this blog, one of my first readers was Missy Pugh, a movie buff and screenwriter who lives in Los Angeles, who was not very acquainted with Bollywood films. So when she told me that my blog had … Continue reading

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Dabangg: The Masala Movie Returns to Bollywood with a Bang

Indians love hot, spicy food. And they love their ‘spicy’ movies even more. I’m talking about the red-hot, entertaining, leave-your-brains-at-home potboilers. Or, the Masala Movie. They are genre-benders – epic-like they have a bit of comedy, loads of drama, action … Continue reading

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