Writers Write!

A New Year marks new beginnings. And with it comes resolutions — some rehashed, some new. Like so many millions of us, spread across the globe, I too have a new year’s resolution. Mine is to write every day. Yeah, so I promised to do that last year as well and the one before that and… you get the picture!

So how’s this year going to be any different? Given the pattern of the last few years, chances are that come February, I would have forgotten all about my resolve. Wait, this year I have a plan! I have decided to follow the Don’t Break the Chain productivity system which was developed by screenwriter Jerry Seinfeld. The idea is to write every day from the 1st day of the year and mark a red X on the calendar for every day that you write. After a few days the chain of red Xs becomes the motivating factor. The goal is to not break the chain and write every single day in the year. Now, not only do I have a private goal of writing every day but by blogging about my progress, I have made sure that I have a deadline to meet!

Well, have I shot myself in the foot? Perhaps.

But since it is the first day of 2012 and I am kind of in the mood to set myself up for a tough goal…why not go the whole hog? Okey-dokey. While writing every day would include updating my blog (hopefully twice or thrice a month!), the goal is also to complete at least two screenplays. OMG! Now, I have really done it! Painted myself in a corner! (Caz, I hope you’re getting a laugh out of this one.) And the only way to get out of it…is write, write, write my way out of it.

So wish me luck and leave me an occasional comment to help me stay focused on my Target.

Happy New Year!

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