Getting Motivated

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I am happy to report that my New Year’s Resolution is alive and kicking. Using the Seinfeld “Don’t-Break-The-Chain” calendar has been extremely helpful. It really works, and even on days when I occasionally dropped the writing ball, I found that getting back to it the next day wasn’t as difficult as I had expected it to be.

Motivation, I realize, needs to be nurtured and fed. And that’s what I did by taking an excellent online course offered by Laurie Campbell. As a writer and a psychologist, Laurie’s lecture was designed for the de-motivated writer or one who is finding it difficult to complete her writing project. So even as we were figuring out how to deal with writer’s block or fear of rejection or the myriad emotions that writers go through (and stop us from writing!) I found that I was adding interesting techniques to my writing toolbox. Techniques that will help me figure out my character motivations, fatal flaw, and much more. How cool is that!

So, on to February and hopefully the momentum of January will keep going and I will have a more productive month ahead.

Happy Writing everyone!

1 Response to Getting Motivated

  1. Oh, Adite, thanks for the shout-out … it’s so cool to see your results here! And I’ll bet anything you WILL keep up the momentum next month, because you’ve already started putting those new techniques to work. 🙂


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