Ruchi’s Take on Conflict and Characters

IMG_487577035865659Ruchi Vasudeva, author of Harlequin Mills & Boon title Bollywood Fiance for a Day has just had a new release. Intriguingly titled, You Can’t Fight a Royal Attraction, this one is also a Harlequin Mills & Boon publication. Here she spills the beans on the behind-the-scenes action that went into the making of her new book. Well, if you thought that conflict exists only between characters in a novel, you’re mistaken…Read on to find out more…

Congratulations, Ruchi, on the release of your new book! What was it like writing your second book? Does it get any easier?

Thanks for hosting me, Adite. One might think that the second book would be easier to write. After all, you have been through the hazards and pitfalls of plotholes and recalcitrant characters. You know what works. And you know your story will drag if you don’t concentrate on character GMC — goal, motivation, conflict. But wish it were so simple! Sigh!

With a new story you go through it all over again… the regime of streamlining all the plots that swim around in your mind. Picking the right one can be quite a task! To give you an example… At first, I toyed with the idea of making my Hero, Rihaan, the son of a politician with a revenge motive. But of course he would have none of that. Believe me, my characters were laughing in their world while I was wracking my brain to chart out their story. And then the magical moment happened…when my characters decided to come clean and I breathed a sigh of relief!

That’s so true. I too often feel that my characters are bent on giving me a hard time. 😀 So what were some of the challenges that you faced in writing this story?

My Heroine, Saira, came to me from my first story and I think, even when I was writing the first one, bits and pieces of her own tale were getting sewn together in some corner of my mind. But Rihaan was much more difficult to work with than Zaheer, the Hero of my first book.

The first book had been written in a leisurely way, but with this I was on a deadline and I had a contest to enter for Harper Collins too. Talk of having your hands full. Add to that kids being on session break and it seemed uphill all the way. However, right about when I had written 25 pages, the characters began to co-operate. Then I talked about it with my editor, Kathryn Cheshire, and she was equally enthusiastic in giving me the thumbs up! Once I had her go-ahead it became a lot easier.

Do you think that getting the Hero and Heroine’s “motivations” right is the most challenging part of writing a story?

The main issue that I faced was the backstory. Saira’s character has a lot of emotional baggage and I had initially thought that the story would revolve around Rihaan’s acceptance of Saira’s actions. He had to condone what she had done in the past. But he surprised me by dealing with the issue in the first few chapters and I discovered that he had his own set of motivations, which unfolded quite dramatically, as I wrote the story.

What surprised you most while writing this book?

The characters have been the surprise package in this book. An interesting thing that happened was I got a flash of inspiration when I came across a news article about the Cartier car rally. It seemed apt to put a similar event in the story. Rihaan had chosen to come out of his shell and reveal himself to me at around that time and it all seemed to tie up together to form a turning point in the story. I hope the readers will enjoy it too because I really liked putting it into the story.

Thanks, Ruchi, for the intriguing insights into your story and Rihaan and Saira’s motivations! Good luck!

Here’s the blurb for You Can’t Fight a Royal Attraction

EE19 COVER_1Playing with fire. Who says it isn’t fun?

The last thing Rihaan needs in his life is to play host to a woman who drives him crazy! Saira is gorgeous, yes, but she’s also wildly infuriating. Yet every time she comes within an inch of him he finds his normally iron-clad control slipping further and further away…

Wanting to protect herself from more heartbreak, Saira knows she should keep her distance from Rihaan —but there’s something about him she just can’t seem to resist… Little does she know that Rihaan is hiding a secret! When it comes to light will it tear them apart —or raise their passion to new, more majestic heights?

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  1. Thanks for hosting me, Adite! Your questions made me revisit the writing of this book. Enjoyed this interview 🙂


  2. Maria says:

    Great interview. Thanks Ruchi and Adite.


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