Four Star Review by The Readdicts

Janhvi of The Readdicts gives four stars to The Indian Tycoon’s Marriage Deal…

Adite- Orange Cover - smallThe Indian Tycoon’s Marriage Deal turned out to be a really quick and pleasurable read.

It does have the same old marriage of convenience plot line to it but Adite Banerjie has written it in such a refreshing manner. I loved Krish and Maya and their story was fabulous.

Maya is a professional landscaper. After losing her father four years ago she has worked extremely hard to complete her education and to get where she is today. I really liked Maya. She was a sweet heart and though there is a revenge plot, there was no malice in her towards Krish. Her intentions may not exactly be pure but she was right in her heart.

Then we have Krish. I really liked him too. He has always had an overbearing father who wants to control his life. He hopes to teach his father a lesson by marrying a girl he would not approve of. I loved the way Krish was so completely smitten by Maya when they meet. There is an equal attraction on both the sides which can’t always be found in Mills and Boon heroes.

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