Setting for the story

newdelhiSnapshot Moment

Where did I want to set my story? As soon as I had thought of a premise for my story and my two lead characters I knew instantly that Delhi (and its suburbs) was where the action would be.

Karen-review-quoteWith its wide leafy avenues, the grandeur of its historical monuments and modern suburban sprawl the capital was the perfect setting for a reluctant tycoon in the making. Besides, Delhi–much more than any other than any other city in India–smacks of attitude!

Be it the sizzling hot summers, its fiery dust storms or the lovely mellow winters, the city provides the perfect backdrop to the Hero/Heroine’s moods. Read more about the role that the capital plays in my book!

Would love to hear your take on which city makes for a perfect setting for a book/movie…do share your thoughts.

5 Responses to Setting for the story

  1. Tia says:

    The setting, I believe, is quite crucial to the plot. It often helps us determine the behavioral traits and characteristics of the characters. It often also allows for typical scenes which might be suitable in the environs of only that particular location.


  2. Amitabh Mukherjee says:

    After all it’s the plot which decides the setting. And the setting decides the mannerisms and activities of the characters.


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