An Interview with Screenwriter Sooni Taraporevala

salaam-bombaySooni Taraporevala is one of the most accomplished screenwriters of Indian cinema. She made her debut as a screenwriter with the 1988 Mira Nair-directed Salaam Bombay! She has since written several features including Mississippi Masala (1991), Such a Long Journey (1998) and The Namesake (2006). She also wrote and directed Little Zizou (2008) and a TV movie My Own Country (1998). 

A passionate photographer, Sooni’s book of photographs PARSIS: The Zoroastrians of India. A Photographic Journey has received rave reviews. A labour of love, her photographs were compiled over a twenty year period.

On the 25th anniversary re-release of Salaam Bombay! Sooni talks about screenwriting, direction and her successful collaboration with Hollywood-based director Mira Nair  in an interview to

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